Skull Drip Measuring Cup Set

Skull Drip Measuring Cup Set


This is a set of 3 measuring cups each with a pouring point, in our skull drip design.

The skull drip design on these measuring cups is made of 2 different sized skulls painted in black on a white background. The lip of the cups is black with a black drip effect running down the sides. All 3 cups sit inside one another for safe keeping.

Large Measuring Cup = 6.5cm h x 9.5cm w x 11cm w (to pouring lip) circa 150ml
Medium Measuring Cup = 5cm h 8.5 x cm w x 9.7cm w (to pouring lip) circa 85ml
Small Measuring Cup = 4cm h x 7.5cm w x 8.5cm w (to pouring lip) circa 60ml

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